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the harris project  - the harris project supports the prevention of co-occurring disorders (COD) through our CODA (Co-Occurring Disorders Awareness) peer-led model, and the development and implementation of best treatment practices (including the building of a co-occurring system of care) to meet the complex needs of the individual.

Partnership to End Addiction - The nation’s leading organization dedicated to addiction prevention, treatment and recovery, we are a diverse community of researchers, advocates, clinicians, communicators and more.


Managing Your Mental Health During the Holidays (from the NAMI Website)  


20 Tips to Keep Your Teen Safe (from the Power to the Parent Website)

Parenting for Prevention Newsletters: Click on month for newsletter

June 2020






Power to the Parent: this is the resource page created by the Westchester County Coalition and contains lots of helpful info for parents--including regular articles, talking to your kids about prevention.

K.N.O.W 2 Prevent - K.N.O.W. 2 Prevent is a collaboration of Westchester County organizations that came together to empower parents/guardians and other caring adults with the essential tools to raise resilient and confident children, help strengthen relationships, and reduce risky behaviors. 

Maxwell Institute 

The Care Coalition - Connecting those in NEED with those that CARE.

Institute for Behavior and Health's Once Choice

SAMHSA (The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) has a "Talk. They Hear You." initiative that's aimed at supporting parents with skills to talk to their kids. 

The Surgeon General / CDC "Know the Risks" campaign on e-Cigs

The Truth Initiative's Fact Sheet on e-Cigs/Vaping

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline -

NAMI Help Line (Mental Health) - - 1-800-950-NAMI

Family Support Navigator Program (Substance Use Treatment & Support) - - 1-845-225-2700 

Westchester County Crisis Prevention & Response Team (Mental Health, Substance Use Treatment) 1-914-925-5959

National Eating Disorders Association Helpline 1-800-931-2237

For Drug Help

Our site has a resource directory as well as geographic maps for resources in each of the seven Hudson Valley counties. These tools can be used to locate provided services, which anyone can use to get help with drug or alcohol addiction. For Drug Help is part of the Mid-Hudson Regional Addiction Resource Center. It is funded by the New York State Office of Addiction Services and Supports and coordinated by Student Assistance Services Corporation.

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